A small rig floor computer that allows for data entry and displays information conveniently around the rig.




Designed to display information conveniently around the rig and allow for data entry, the Pason SideKick is a versatile and compact remote display which mounts easily in many locations on drilling and service rigs. Acting like an information companion on the rigsite, the Pason SideKick works in conjunction with Pason’s other devices and monitors data parameters.


A robust and rugged interface similar to the doghouse computer, the Pason SideKick is engineered to withstand the harsh rig environment and provide convenient access to information at various locations around the rig. The Pason SideKick offers operation-specific display configurations including drilling, tripping, pumps, measure while drilling (MWD), sandline, and swabbing. It is fully integrated with the Pason Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR), Electronic Service Recorder (ESR), Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT), AutoDriller and Gas Analyzer.


  • Mounts easily anywhere on the rig (including Zone 2 areas) and can display up to eight drilling parameters at one time on a screen
  • Can be used to zero weight on bit (WOB) if necessary
  • Mounts easily at or near the choke control panel to monitor drilling parameters associated with managing a kick
  • Provides rig floor control of the Pason AutoDriller
  • Allows mud parameters to be entered into the Pason EDR for display on reports
  • Allows for calibrations, and is the interface on the rig for the Pason ESR
  • Allows for custom screens
  • Includes pre-set memos


By offering convenient access to information on the rig floor, the Pason SideKick works as an information companion to rig personnel. The Pason SideKick works as an interface for Pason’s line of products and provides the following functionality.

  • EDR: Displays all relevant drilling parameters.
  • ESR: Sends memos and performs all calibrations. Displays graphical traces, alarm configurations, pumps, tanks, sandline, and swabbing readings on service rigs.
  • PVT: Displays total mud and all tank levels.
  • Gas Analyzer: Monitors all operations and diagnostics.
  • AutoDriller: Allows for parameter changes and calibrations.

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