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  • DataHub with Pason Live™

Secure cloud service hosting all customer well information, along with a suite of real-time viewing applications

Pason’s DataHub is the central repository for data and reports captured at the rig. It includes a suite of applications for monitoring operations and assessing performance from anywhere in the world. Whether you run a real-time operating centre, a drilling analytics department, or a payroll team, DataHub has the data and applications you need.

DataHub applications include all of the following and more:

Pason Live™
Real-time data visualization tool accessible and customizable by any user via a web browser.
Mobile Application
Pason Live™ is available on any Apple or Android device via the app store.
Well Dashboard
Compare multiple live and historical using charting and analytical tools.
Suite of reporting applications includes tour sheets, morning reports, payroll, KPIs, and more.
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