Drilling Data Solutions

Pason transforms data into intelligence—creating smarter drilling. Our drilling data solutions allow users to collect, manage, report, and analyze data in order to optimize performance.


The oil and gas industry has had to adapt to the digital age – inundated with massive amounts of data on a daily basis. Operators, drilling contractors, and service companies often struggle to access their data in real-time, and then to find insights within the data to improve their operations. Many organizations depend on multiple companies to provide a focused expertise, whether it is collecting, managing, reporting, or analyzing their data.

Pason is the industry’s only oilfield specialist with a fully integrated drilling data solution. Our end-to-end solution allows users to collect, manage, report, and analyze real-time drilling data in order to optimize the performance and the cost-efficiency of their operations. Pason facilitates collaboration, making it fast, flexible, and easy for our clients to access and share their critical drilling information – anytime, anywhere.


Pason designs technology that is simple to deploy, use, and maintain – supported by the industry’s best standard of care. With our easy-to-use products and accurate and reliable real-time data delivery from the rig to the office, Pason is the smart choice for improving optimization.

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