Pason's Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT)

A critical component of a comprehensive well control system, the current Pason Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT) builds on over 20 years of success and reliability of the original Pason PVT.

Pit Volume
Totalizer (PVT)


The current Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT) is a critical component of a comprehensive well control system. Building on over 20 years of success and reliability of the original Pason PVT, the PVT has advanced capabilities and scalable features to facilitate the safe and efficient construction of today’s complex wells. The PVT enables drillers to monitor changes in mud volumes during drilling and tripping, which may indicate mud losses or a kick. Hosted on the new Pason Rig Display, the PVT displays mud system data via an intuitive and easy-to-read software interface.


Detection of kicks and lost circulation is critical to the safety and economics of a drilling operation, but early indicators of events are missed due to the complexity and overload of data from standard PVT systems.


Rigs spend hours or days more in non-productive time (NPT) and incur potential safety issues.


Designed to be rich in data, yet simple in implementation, the Pason PVT enables drillers to easily view and configure the entire mud system.


Fluid gains and losses are detected early providing reduced mud costs, NPT, environmental clean-up, and improved safety.


Mud tanks
  • Track all fluid on location (up to 32 tanks)
  • Monitor fluid gains and losses
  • 15-point tank calibration for irregularly shaped tanks
  • Monitor flow out of the well
  • Track relative changes in flow from a baseline
  • Track hole fill during a trip
  • Dual trip tank support
  • Support for up to four pumps
  • Track total pump strokes and strokes per minute
  • Track volume of mud pumped
  • Audible and visible alarm alerts (indoor and outdoor)
  • Configurable alarm snooze
  • Alarm log
User Interface
  • Intuitive and real time
  • Integrated with EDR
  • Available on all rig site workstations


  • 19-inch indoor/outdoor ruggedized touch screen
  • Windows® 7 operating system with Microsoft Office 2010
  • Class 1, Division 2 certified
  • IP66 water and dust resistant
  • Operates in extreme temperatures (-40°C to 50°C)

See our Enhanced Pit Volume Totalizer brochure in English or Spanish.