Rig Communications

Pason offers a customizable suite of rig communication products that allow you to communicate information without delay, maximizing collaboration between the office and the rig site.


You talked, we listened. Finally, a customizable rig communications solution. Today’s rig crews are stifled by slow internet speeds, unstable networks and strained voice capabilities. Our rig communications provide an end-to-end system of effective communicative tools that make the rig an extension of the office, enhancing collaboration.

Pason’s Rig Communications is a multi-faceted technology platform developed to address the growing communication needs of our customers. This solution provides our customers with a single built-for-purpose communications platform to use across an entire fleet and supporting the common multi-tenant rig environment.


Pason’s Rig Communications delivers a customizable internet solution which includes several service levels, depending on your needs.


Improve communication efficiencies with Pason’s Rig Intercom and Phone system. Our solution includes a network of desktop, cordless, and industrial grade phones to provide telephone access across the rig site. Whether you’re in the doghouse, the trailer, or on the rig floor, Pason’s Intercom and Phone system provides instant accessibility, enhancing collaboration.

View our Rig Communications product page to learn about the products that fuel this solution.