Directional Drilling Enablement

Our goal is to enable directional wells to be drilled more accurately and efficiently than by traditional methods. Pason’s Directional Drilling Enablement solution delivers streamlined workflows to leverage your best people—translating to less capital and cost at the rig site.


The industry has witnessed a transformation in North American land drilling. Contrasted to 10 years ago, when only 10% of wells were drilled horizontally, more than 80% of wells today are horizontal or directional. This shift has introduced new technologies and new roles, changing the landscape in drilling operations. As a result, companies are relying on the availability of accurate data to make key decisions in real time—improving the efficiency and safety of their operations.

Pason has been a trailblazer in delivering data centric solutions aimed at overcoming the challenges operators and contractors encounter. Our directional drilling enablement solution keeps you on target, drilling directional wells more accurately and efficiently than by traditional methods.

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