Drilling Guidance System

Empower your drilling optimization team to be more effective by improving communication between the office and the rig.


Guidance System


The Drilling Guidance System (DGS) provides real-time guidance while drilling, based on data that has been analyzed in the office. It helps optimize communication between drilling rig crews and the office personnel who support them.

Drilling engineers begin the process by entering reference trace information into a drill plan in Microsoft Excel, and then uploading the plan to the Pason DataHub, where it is sent to the rig. From there, drillers can view these traces on the rig EDR, side-by-side with their real-time traces. Office personnel can also view the same data using Live Rig View (LRV).


Operators seek to continuously improve drilling operations across a diverse set of rigs, crews, and engineering teams.


Drilling practices differ from well to well, resulting in a large variation of well delivery times and costs.


The Drilling Guidance System enables operators to capture best practices from the successes of prior wells and seamlessly communicates these practices as target drilling parameters and annotations along the well.


Achieve continuous improvement of drilling operations and a reduction in drilling costs through iterative and collaborative refinement of best drilling practices.


  • Reference traces for key drilling parameters
  • Annotations for formation tops, hazards, and information messages
  • Fully integrated into all Pason viewers (rig site driller’s display, DataHub, Live Rig View, and LRV Mobile)
  • Self-service or full service DGS drill plan creation
  • Conveniently managed drill plans via the Pason DataHub
  • Update well plans at any time during the well
  • Export reference traces alongside historical drilling data
  • Easily enabled via the Pason Store

See our Drilling Guidance System brochure in English.