Careers at Our Pason

If you like to push the envelope of traditional thinking, Pason is the place for you. Be a part of a thriving Canadian-based company that offers rewarding career opportunities and student internships.

At Pason we have created an energized, focused, and playful work environment. This environment empowers each team member to push the envelope of traditional thinking to create new solutions to old problems. Our corporate culture nurtures imagination in an atmosphere where people are free to perform to their fullest potential in an open and friendly environment.

Pason is an industry-leading service provider of proprietary instrumentation and data technologies for the land-based and offshore drilling industry in North America. We have a growing presence internationally in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Australia.

If you are passionate about learning, and would like to enjoy the camaraderie of a talented group of imaginative and creative people striving to excel, then we invite you to explore Our Pason.

In addition to Pason’s diverse office-based jobs, we also employ field service technicians throughout North America. Find out what it’s like to be a Pason field service technician by watching this video:

To see more of our videos, visit our YouTube channel at

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